Emergency lighting

In accordance with the safety regulations, the selected luminaires can be produced and connected to as luminaires of emergency lighting to be operated in the regime of permanent or emergency lighting with a one-hour or three-hour autonomy. Emergency units can also be integrated into light systems based on the DALI protocol. In these cases, the error reporting function provides more information than just that the lamp, control device, or battery is defective.

This emergency unit shall usually be installed inside the luminaires; with respect to the project specification it may, in some cases, be installed in the ceiling rosette of the luminaire or in the soffit, as well.

LED luminaires can be standardly equipped with another LED source with an output of 3,5 W. Upon request, the luminaires can be made so as to allow for connecting within group and central battery system by respective manufacturers.

Please contact LUCIS sales department at info@lucis.eu to find out the price of the solutions needed or to consult your requirements.