Luminaires coding system

X = colour → Overview of materials and RAL colour sampler


Y = available functions (M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, D)

Y* = functions available on inquiry (M*, N*, O*, P*, Q*, R*, S*, D*)

code without Y = standard version (ON/OFF)

Y – optional


M…DALI 2 N…corridor function
O…motion sensor P…emergency module
Q…Bluetooth control R…track system
S…phase-cut dimming D…mounting in plasterboard


  1. ZLI3.L1.600.92 – white colour
  2. ZLI3.L1.600.92L – white colour, DALI 1
  3. ZLI3.L1.600.92LP – white colour, DALI 1, emergency module = on inquiry (has to be checked)