LUCIS, a Czech lighting producer, was established in Brno in 1999. The main stimulus for establishing the company was the desire to start making quality products of Czech origin maintaining the Czech glassmaking tradition to which the founders are closely related. The company was named very aptly and its name reflects the company’s activity. The word LUCIS comes from Latin word lux, which means light, luminous.


Since 2020, the CAPSULE luminaire has been part of our catalogue. Many of you found our luminaire as modern and imaginative, but required a smaller version. Therefore, we reconstructed it and made the same luminaire, but in a smaller dimensions (C15). So now two sizes of this light are available.


New LUCIS 2022–2024 catalogue released. New features include the new OMNIA, INFINITY II and GLOU luminaire types. The OMNIA family of luminaires, has been expanded with a pedant, wall lamp, but also a floor lamp version of the luminaire. INFINITY II is a modern modular suspension luminaire with four color versions of decorative frames, but also eight shapes and sizes. GLOU luminaires from the Inveno design studio are suitable as atmospheric luminaires.


The popular JUNO luminaires by designer René Šulc have been expanded with new RAL color variants. These are RAL 7023 – concrete gray, and RAL 5009 – cyan.


Lucis collaborates with Eduard Herrmann and Matěj Coufal, won the Czech Grand Designer Award of 2020. Part of their great work, for which they were awarded, is the design of the CAPSULE luminaire for company Lucis.


New technical solution for Maia and Polaris ZKS luminaires. MAIA B luminaires emit light mainly to the sides, which differs from the basic MAIA solution, where LED luminaires light mainly downwards. POLARIS ZKS.P version allows maximizing the power in the luminaire (eg. up to 8000 lm netto in size 400).

Higher degree of protection IP44 for the POLARIS S luminaire family.


A diverse renge of design of luminaires is brought by the elegant collections of luminaires PALA, OHM, GEO and ZED, for which the contrast of the round shape of the sphere and metal parts or their aesthetically designed suspension is typical (design of PALA: René Šulc, design of OHM, GEO, ZED: Daria Podboj).

Hand-blown three-layer opal glass with lacquered aluminum body. This classic in a modern guise is characteristic of the luminaire families NOMIA, POLARIS S and RETRO. The Polaris ZTR and Retro ZT suspension versions perfectly meet the requirements for a unique design.

Extension of the Izar II wall collection with the IZAR METAL variant with aluminum mounting in various colors.


Added smallest sizes of Zero and Daphne luminaires – 230 and 280 mm for ZERO, 280 mm for DAPHNE.

New technical solution enabling a significant increase in performance of the LED sphere variants – POLARIS ZL, POLARIS ZK and POLARIS ZT. Introduction of an alternative solution with a driver in the ceiling rosette – POLARIS ZKS.


The basic element of the brightly colored collections of JUNO and ELIOS luminaires is a shade made of painted aluminum (design by René Šulc).


Nevia style collection inspired by the shape of the ancient Amphora combines traditional Czech glass production with a clean, minimalist design and innovative technology.


The existing acrylic Izar collection was extended with a light fixture with distinct sharp edges Izar B Max in ceiling and pending versions with diameter up to 1 250 mm.


Collection of Pia lighting appliances – modern design inspired by the shape of popular fruit candies (design by Daria Podboj).


Infinity Unique and original modular LED system Infinity for direct and indirect illumination (design René Šulc).


2010 – Loom, Lampoo, Tria 2010 – Vox The usage of new materials as the aluminium and textile led to the creation of new collections of luminaries such as Loom, Lampoo, Tria (Boa design) and Vox, Tinto, Brava (design LUCIS and René Šulc).

2010 – Tinto


2009 – Izary Simple, easy to remember design, a wide range of shapes and sizes of light fields in combination with distinctive sharp edges made from high quality acrylic glass are characteristic for the Izar collection.


2008 – Neon 2008 – Antimon New collection of luminaries introduced Antimon, Neon, Argon, Helium (design René Šulc).

2008 – Argon 2008 – Helium


2007 – Trifid stojanový Organic luminary Trifid, which was ahead of its time (design René Šulc).


2006 – Orbis Forum – luminary with simple elegant shapes with the diameter up to 600 mm.


2005 – Medusa Unique lamp for lovers of the original design – Medusa (design René Šulc) – introduced in Plus catalogue.


2004 – Atria The ceiling, suspension and floor luminary collection Atria was introduced.


2003 – Durynk Durynk the first luminary designed by René Šulc for LUCIS.