BLUEtooth control

Selected luminaires from our product range can be adapted so that they can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth technology/Casambi (the availability of this function for each luminaire is indicated by the letter „Q“).

With the use of Bluetooth, it is possible to conveniently turn the luminaires on or off, dim one luminaire or a group of luminaires, or define and trigger light scenes. Everything is also ready for sensor integration.

Lighting control options:

1) Standard wall pushbutton switch

We recommend it wherever a standard 3-core installation is used. Supplied dimmable luminaires can be dimmed without construction work in the house or apartment. To be able control them, it is necessary to pair them with the basic DIM Wireless module, which is located under the pushbutton switch.

The luminaires supplied in this way can also be controlled using the Casambi mobile application, available for iOS and Android devices.

2) Wireless remote control

It can be used for dimming, scene control or for scrolling through several scenes without the need to install an additional dimmer. The wireless controller is also equipped with a wall mounted holder and is available in white and black. The luminaires can be controlled using the Casambi application, too.

3) CASAMBI application

The application offers a wide range of options for setting up a large number of functions conveniently directly from your mobile phone. It is thus possible to make full use of the potential of the new luminaire, which can be adapted to a variety of different requirements. The luminaire can be controlled by multiple users.

Download the app for Android device

Download the app for iOS device