Selected LUCIS luminaires can be equipped with modern Tunable White technology. Tunable White is a lighting system that allows you to change the chromaticity temperature of the luminaire and at the same time adjust the intensity of lighting. For luminaires equipped with this technology, the color temperature and intensity can be set according to current needs, time of day or mood, from warm white (2700 K), suitable for rest and meetings, to cold white (6500 K), suitable for keeping attention and efficient work performance. Tunable White makes it possible to „copy“ changes in the chromaticity temperature of daylight and thus have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Luminaires with this technology must be equipped with LED modules with the possibility of changing the chromaticity temperature and a programmable LED driver.

There are several options for controlling the intensity and color temperature of light, from manual control via a push-button, through control using Bluetooth (mobile phone or remote control) to the DALI system, which also offers automatic dynamic control depending on the time of day and the amount of daylight entering the interior.

The Tunable White features can be used, for example, in homes for the elderly, medical facilities, smart homes, modern offices and schools.

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